Welcome to ADY Works!

My name is Andreas D. Yannakidis and I live in Alexandroupolis city, Greece. I am Electrical & Computer Engineer, graduated by D.U.TH. Since 1999 I deal professionally with computers as a technician first, then as a lecturer at the University. Also, since 2001 I have a private company providing technical support for computers and networks.
Dealing with programming started long ago, when I was still a schoolboy and immediately became my most favorite pastime and hobby.

I have spent countless hours developing high quality, user friendly applications for Windows just for my own use, but also for my customers too. So, I decided to promote my work also through the Internet. At this point, I publish only those, that are tested quite at real work, so they can be used without problems. Other applications will be added gradually.

Please feel free to contact me for any suggestions / improvements or custom application development.