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Improve the relationship with your customers and simplify the  contacts management using ADYcontacts!

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ADYcontacts is program, which will really untie hands both of a professional even a common users, providing first of all the facilitation and saving precious time in his daily work.

Contacts management , incoming calls identification and calls history, appointments reminders, embedded mail client - and all these with various choices and simultaneously with specifically designed interface for still bigger facility.

More concretely,  the following features have been implemented:

Contacts management:

  • Create, modify, delete and print contacts.
  • A lot of contact's data, as many phone numbers, e-mails, websites, social networks, tax data, addresses.
  • Embedded name days with possibility to modify names and dates in a simple text file (read instructions first).
  • Possibility to attach files to every contact and insert photos and notes.
  • Categorization of contacts.
  • Search and filter a contacts list with many parameters.
  • Possibility to import contacts from a CSV file, choosing the contact's data fields.

Incoming calls identification:

  • Automatic appearance of caller phone number (if it does not call with hidden number), date and hour of call as well as caller full name, if he/she is already registered in the program database.
  • Second caller identification when your line is already occupied (presupposes the activation of call waiting service which is provided by the telephony provider, as well as modem with call waiting support).
  • The program can identify calls from the telephone line connected to a dial-up modem or a mobile phone or smartphone device connected to your computer trough USB cable or bluetooth.
  • All incoming calls are automatically registered and you have the ability to search an incoming call with the phone number, to display all calls that you have received in a given time period, and to print the list of calls.
  • You can be notified for incoming calls by e-mail. The Program will send you an e-mail for each incoming call.
  • Parameterize your modem, choosing AT commands to activate the calls identification function.
  • Possibility to search the contact's name in MS-Outlook and open it if found, when incoming call arrives.
  • If the phone number does not already exist in the application's database, you can register it (e.g. registration of calls phone number with some name and other data).

 Appointments management:

  • Create,modify, delete, print Appointments and Tasks with or without notification and a lot of options (periodicity, notification sound, start an application or open document).
  • View and print a list of appointments, tasks and personal celebrations.

E-mail client:

  • Managing emails (POP-SMTP) with all functionality of common mail-clients.
  • Unlimited accounts support with secure connections (SSL).
  • Embedded HTML viewer.
  • Unicode support.

Other options:

  • Option for automatic check for a new version.
  • Multilanguage interface with real-time change of interface language with no need to download a separate setup file or to restart the program.
  • Option for automatic start of application with Windows.
  • Create backup copy or restore the database.
  • Option to show/hide a widget on Desktop with date/time and namedays.

The program "ADYcontacts" will be particularly useful for those people, who has a clientage (as technical offices, constructional companies, private schools, bookshops, enterprises of benefit of services and other) and/or suppliers or who deal often with various public and private services. With the help of this application you will have fast access to all of your contacts data at any moment, you will be informed in time for the appointments and have the possibility to print out various reports for file or statistical aims.