Contacts management

  • Full list of contacts with possibility to add new contact, modify an existing contact's data, delete the selected contact or entire list.
  • Print the data of selected contact or all contacts.
  • Attach files and photos to every contact and insert notes.
  • Assign a name day to each contact with possibility to modify names and dates in a simple text file (read instructions first).
  • Set reminders for nameday, birthday or anniversary.
  • Search contacts not only by name, phone number, company name, address or tax registration number.
  • Relate contacts to categories in order to easy view the contacts filtered by category.
  • Possibility to import contacts from a CSV file, choosing the contact's data fields.

Calls features

  • Automatic appearance of caller phone number - CALLER ID (if it does not call with hidden number), date and hour of call as well as caller full name, if he/she is already registered in the program database.
  • Second caller identification when your line is already occupied (presupposes the activation of call waiting service which is provided by the telephony provider .
  • The program can identify calls from the telephone line connected to a dial-up modem or a mobile phone or smartphone device connected to your computer trough USB cable or bluetooth.
  • All incoming calls are automatically registered and you have the ability to search an incoming call with the phone number, to display all calls that you have received in a given time period, and to print the list of calls.
  • You can be notified for incoming calls by e-mail. The Program will send you an e-mail for each incoming call.
  • Parameterize your modem, choosing AT commands to activate the calls identification function.
  • Possibility to search the contact's name in MS-Outlook and open it if found, when incoming call arrives.
  • If the phone number does not already exist in the application's database, you can register it (e.g. registration of calls phone number with some name and other data).

Appointments Management

The application has built-in appointments management system. There are the following features:

  • Create an appointment for the selected contact
  • Choice of beginning and expiry date and hour of appointment or task
  • Set periodicity for an appointment/task (eg each month, each two weeks, each year etc. with possibility of various combinations)
  • Set reminder for an appointment/task before a multiple of minutes, hours, days or weeks
  • Choose a sound file of reminder for each appointment/task, as well as some application that will be executed
  • Free text input for the appointment/task with Rich Text Formatting possibilities
  • View all appointments, tasks or personal celebrations of any day with simple choice of the day from the calendar
  • One-click view of appointments of current day, week and month
  • View all appointments of selected contact
  • Delete selected appointment/task. In the case where it had been defined the periodicity for the particular appointment, You can choose if it should be deleted only the appointment of selected date or even all the series of appointments
  • Possibility to delete an appointment or task when notification window appears, as well as choice to remit or cancel the reminder


Managing emails (POP-SMTP) with all functionality of common mail-clients. Unlimited accounts support with secure connections (SSL).

All that you need, are the names of mail servers and ports (provided by your e-mail service provider), username and password to access your account

You may set options:

  • if you want the messages to be checked or sent automatically when the program starts
  • if the received messages will be deleted from the server and when
  • if you want the Trash folder to be emptied when you exit the program


  • Backup and restore of database
  • Option for automatic start of application with Windows.
  • Multilanguage interface with real-time change of interface language with no need to download a separate setup file or to restart the program. (currently there are three languages: English, Greek, Russian)
  • Option to show/hide a widget on Desktop with date/time and namedays
  • Detailed manual for the program interface